Clients Come First

Making a connection with each client is important to Grace A. Phillips. The education-first model helps inform you so that you can make the best choice for your situation.

Grace A. Phillips


Hello!  I’m Grace A. Phillips, your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer®. 

We take care of all the legal legwork for your business and family while you can focus on the more important things in your life.

Does your future include an extended vacation or even a spontaneous weekend road trip?  If you were injured or disabled, how could you be certain that your families’ financial future would be secure?  Would you be able to transfer your assets to your loved ones with minimal taxable losses?    Will your estate be subject to probate?  Will creditors make legal claims of your assets? Without a guardianship plan, is it possible that your minor children might become wards of the State rather than in the caring environment of a guardian chosen by you and not the court?

My focus is to eliminate these problems before they occur.  I assist professionals and small business owners, their families and loved ones avoid these types of unexpected legal challenges.  Together, we assemble a comprehensive legal plan that protects your family, professional practice and/or business, as well as your accumulated assets from any unexpected events.

Through my training as an MBA, as an accountant, and as an attorney, I understand our unique professional experiences and the delayed paths to wealth accumulation.  I can accommodate the busy professional in scheduling time to create your personalized estate plan.  The client is involved in every step from establishing a goal to completing the process.  Our comprehensive planning even protects your pets from seizure. Protective estate planning is an essential aspect of reaching your overall financial goals for retirement and in establishing pathways for maintenance of your assets for your heirs.  Through this process, our clients realize financial confidence and peace of mind for the future.